An In-Progress Excerpt of MAKING IT BETTER

Currently, I’m hard at work on Making It Better, which will be out next year. Here’s a sexy, in-progress excerpt for you!

“On your FetNet profile, it says masochist,” said Court.

Damn it; Lucan needed to set his profile to Private. “What are you getting at?”

“I’m saying I can give you what you need.” Court’s big hand slid down Lucan’s spine and brushed between his ass cheeks, just barely grazing his hole. “Do you remember the day I used my belt on you?”

It was a memory Lucan only brought out when no other fantasy could get him there. “Yeah.” Even now, he remembered clearly the way he’d felt—sick, scared, humiliated, unbelievably hard and wanting. He’d shown up at Court’s apartment fifteen minutes later than he’d promised, and Court hadn’t said anything when he’d opened the door. He’d just yanked Lucan inside, bent him over the arm of the couch, and pulled down his pants. Lucan had expected to be fucked, but instead, Court had slipped his belt out of his jeans and looped it, ready to swat.

“When I say 1, do I mean 1:15?” he’d asked.

Lucan had been too stunned to reply.

“Answer me! When I say 1, do I mean 1:15?”


“That’s right. And I’m going to make sure you never show up late again.”

Court had started the hits then. Lucan remembered staring out the window at the stark sunlight, so normal and everyday compared to this thing that was happening. He’d been so into it he’d leaked precum onto the couch, and though Court had fucked him—bareback, always—he hadn’t come inside him. Instead, he’d come all over Lucan’s welted ass.

In the present, Lucan burned. He was fully hard now, and so was Court. Reluctantly, he pulled away from Court’s alluring body, but only to get on the floor and find his toybox.

From the bed, Court asked, “What are you doing?”

“Getting you a condom.”

Court groaned. “Oh, come on.”

Thud, thud, click; Lucan undid the latches on his hefty box full of kinky goodies. After lifting the lid, he rifled through the disorganized leather, metal, and silicone until he found the little bottle of lube and the condoms he put over his dildo whenever he fucked himself.

Court’s gaze was heavy on him. “Is that your BDSM stuff?”


Court hung off the bed, reaching. “Let me—”

“No.” Lucan slammed the box shut and shoved it back under the bed.

Preorder Making It Better at (Note: There won’t be a preorder on Amazon as I am banned from their preorders, whoops!)

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