Making It Easy for Readers to Love Your Book
Both Inside and Out

Editing and design for indie romance and erotica authors

You Deserve to Feel Confident in Every Release

Readers have many choices when it comes to their next read.

Don’t let your book get lost among the competition due to unappealing graphics or bad reviews mentioning a lack of editing.

“That cover looks amateur… The story is probably amateur, too.”

“I can’t read that graphic. I’ll just scroll past it.”

“Too many typos!”

“I loved the story, but then the ending ruined it.”

As an author myself, I’ve experienced the frustration of trying to find good, affordable freelancers.

I care about your story, and I want to give it the best possible chance of reaching readers with smooth editing and an eye-catching cover.

Hire a Freelancer with the Right Credentials

Formal Training

I have a bachelor's degree in Informatics with a Graphic Design concentration from Indiana University. Plus, I've completed all the editing coursework for my second bachelor's degree in English.

I've also taken numerous online editing courses and attended in-person workshops and conferences in the design field.

Expert-Level Experience, Deep Knowledge

I've worked as a professional designer for more than six years, both freelance and as an in-house designer at a large corporation.

I know what makes a good story because I've put years of self-study into learning story structure and specifically, romance story structure. I've studied the romance market and consumed hundreds of romance novels and erotica stories.

Passion for Design, Love of Language

Growing up, I had two passions: literature and graphic design.

I've written and read stories for as long as I can remember, and as a teenager, I taught myself how to use industry-standard design software (I've been married to Photoshop since!).


In the scramble for a new editor for my series, Lyss.Press came through. They were quick and thorough, catching all of my mistakes without tampering with my voice. They were exactly what I needed and I plan to continue working with them. 100% recommend!

Karma K.

I hired Lyss to do a full edit of a MPreg book, and I was impressed with her from start to finish. Her structural edits transformed my story, and her grammar and copy edits were of a quality that I would expect from an editor with a much higher price tag.

My favorite thing about working with Lyss is that she embraces kink. I never felt like my work was too weird or sexual for her. I've already discussed hiring her for my next project. I've worked with other editors on smaller pieces I've had published, and Lyss was the easiest to work with. She's fast, she respected my voice, and she knows what she's doing. You won't regret hiring her.

Amy Bellows

Lyssa is my go-to when it comes to any graphic design project. She’s friendly and easy to work with. All the projects were done on time, and she made sure I was completely happy with each. Even on projects that I wasn’t sure on what exactly I wanted, what Lyssa delivered was fantastic. I highly recommend her for your design needs. She will not disappoint.

Amy Tasukada

How It Works

1. Choose a Service

Depending on which stage of the publishing process you're focused on, choose an editing or design service.

2. Get in Contact

Request a free sample edit or get a no-obligation design quote.

3. Get the Goods

For editing, I'll deliver your edits. Incorporate them for a polished story.

For design, I'll deliver your design concept. You'll provide feedback, and I'll revise until you're satisfied.*

5. Publish Confidently

Hit publish knowing you've done everything you can to release a quality product.

*Up to 10 revisions included in initial price.

Choose a Service


Structural editing, copyediting, proofreading

I can make sure your story's structure is working, check it for grammar and style issues, and eliminate any remaining typos or stray punctuation.


eBook covers, print covers, audiobook covers, banners, logos, and more

I can create any graphics you might need, from book covers to print-ready files for swag.

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