Breaking Hell’s Rules

TROPES: Disguised Hero, Hurt/Comfort, Paranormal/Human

A sex demon falls for the ultimate forbidden fruit in this M/M paranormal romance.

When genderqueer succubus Reth meets their soul quota and gains freedom from Hell, they decide to take up residence in New Orleans. Immediately, they exchange their female body for a hunky, tattooed male one. Too bad the body comes with an ex-boyfriend, Jude, and a joint lease.

Jude is walking around with a black eye and a bad attitude, and he refuses to believe Reth is a demon. Plus, he won’t move out. Reth doesn’t want to take Jude’s soul, so they show him some succubus action minus the soul-grabbing, hoping to scare him off.

What they didn’t expect was to develop feelings for the mortal. And they never could have predicted just how pure Jude’s soul would be. When Reth unwittingly commits a sin against Lucifer, they’ll need Jude’s help to avoid an eternity of suffering…for them both.

Word count: 25,000