EXCERPT: Escorting the Escort

Eden plopped into the passenger’s seat. “I don’t want to go to the next appointment.”

Greer looked up from his phone, where he’d been keying in their next address. “Um… Can you do that?”

“Yes. It’s not like I do it all the time. The agency will forgive me.”

Greer squinted, looking Eden over to see if maybe something bad had happened to set him off. But he looked okay. Not blissed out like earlier, but not visibly hurt, at least from what Greer could see before the overhead light shut off.

“Should we call somebody?” Greer asked. “Let the clients know we’re not coming?”

“I already texted Amber. She’ll tell them, maybe send someone else. It doesn’t matter.”

Greer was a little bummed he’d be losing out on sixty bucks, but even without that, the money he’d netted this weekend was nice. He slid the key into the ignition.

“I was thinking…” Eden tapped his fingers against the center console. “I could do you instead.”

Greer had pulled the car onto the road before he even registered Eden’s words. There was no way he’d heard him correctly. “What was that?”

“Just something quick. Maybe a BJ? You’d like that, right?”

Greer’s dick hardened, getting with the program faster than all the other parts of his body. “You want to give me a BJ…”

Eden chuckled. “Yes.”

Greer broke out in a sweat. Eden wanted to blow him. Eden wanted to put that mouth on him, wanted to suck him off.

Suddenly driving was very difficult, and Greer forgot where he was supposed to turn next. He knew where Eden lived, but try as he might, he couldn’t remember how to get there.

“Greer? You okay?”

“I’m fine,” Greer bit out. Once again, he found himself searching for a dark and quiet bit of road, but this time, he wasn’t planning on jerking off. After a few minutes of mostly aimless driving, Greer had managed to get them out of the last client’s bougie neighborhood and into one with a lot fewer streetlights.

He pulled over and cut the engine. “You really wanna blow me?”

“Yeah. Get your cock out.”

Fuck. Was this really happening? Maybe Greer shouldn’t feel special since Eden sucked dicks several times per week, but he had butterflies all the same. As he undid his fly and whipped out his cock, his hands shook as much as they had the first time he’d done this, for a girl behind his family’s single-wide when he was fifteen.

Eden set a hand on the center console to support himself as he leaned across Greer’s lap. He hovered with his mouth over Greer’s cockhead, not yet touching, so that when he spoke, Greer could feel his breath on the sensitive skin. “I get to be myself for this. You’re not paying me. Understand?”

Greer would have agreed to anything in that moment, but he did his best to listen. “Yes.”

“Put your hand on my head. Gentle.”

Greer put his hand in Eden’s soft hair, his damn fingers still shaking. Gentle. Greer could do that.

Eden kissed the tip of Greer’s cock. It was just that—a kiss of pleasure—sweet but too short.

“You have a pretty dick.” Eden kissed down the shaft then back up again on the other side, licking and sucking lightly. “Mmm, perfect size, too.”

Greer wondered if he ought to put that on his Grindr profile.

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