How to Tame a God (Wish City #2)

TROPES: Hurt/Comfort, One-Night Stand Becomes More

What if your dark side had a body?

With his superpower of will, Wish can create or modify almost anything, including his own dimension, Wish City, a place for people with superpowers to go when they die on Earth. After wrestling the dimension back from a monster he unwittingly created, Wish is still struggling to control his subconscious.

Lake kills himself to get to the specials’ heaven he’s heard so much about. After hiding his power of emotional manipulation in life, he yearns to use it on a lover now that he’s free. Meeting the charismatic and alluring Wish brings unexpected chemistry, but the two part on awkward terms.

When Lake meets Wish’s dark doppelgänger in a club, he finds himself swept up in a torrid love affair. Meanwhile, the “real” Wish might be ready to give Lake what he wants. But can he learn how to give up control before it’s too late?

How to Tame a God is the third story (and second book) in the Wish City series. It is a gay erotic horror romance with an HFN ending.

Word count: 25,000


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