Paranormal Novellas Box Set: Babyvamp, Breaking Hell’s Rules, fangjunkie27 (Gay M/M Romance)

The Paranormal Novellas Box Set features three M/M books in one.


Forty-four-year-old vampire Max lives a mostly solitary existence in an attempt to avoid “vampire drama,” but when he spots abandoned babyvamp Kieran on his way home one night, his pesky conscience demands he rescue him and confront the vampire who turned him. Problem is, Kieran’s creator is Max’s ex-lover James, an emotionally abusive, older vampire whose very presence throws Max into a heart-beating panic. James isn’t happy that Kieran tattled on him, and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep Max from divulging his offense to the vampire police, including risking Kieran’s life to make Max his rightful guardian. But Max never wanted to be anyone’s guardian. And if Kieran gets his way, he’ll have more than Max’s care and attention. He’ll have his sexual submission, too.

Word count: 28,000

Breaking Hell’s Rules

A sex demon falls for the ultimate forbidden fruit in this M/M paranormal romance.

When genderqueer succubus Reth meets their soul quota and gains freedom from Hell, they decide to take up residence in New Orleans. Immediately, they exchange their female body for a hunky, tattooed male one. Too bad the body comes with an ex-boyfriend, Jude, and a joint lease.

Jude is walking around with a black eye and a bad attitude, and he refuses to believe Reth is a demon. Plus, he won’t move out. Reth doesn’t want to take Jude’s soul, so they show him some succubus action minus the soul-grabbing, hoping to scare him off.

What they didn’t expect was to develop feelings for the mortal. And they never could have predicted just how pure Jude’s soul would be. When Reth unwittingly commits a sin against Lucifer, they’ll need Jude’s help to avoid an eternity of suffering…for them both.

Word count: 25,000


Shameless vampire addict Eli lives from vampire den to vampire den, securing invites via the vampire/human social network FangFinder. This weekend, he’s signed up for his most extreme adventure yet, a seventy-two-hour party where a contract serves as his voluntary consent to anything the den members decide to do to him.

Strong and silent type Orion is the only member of his den without fangs, a dhampir who wears metal points on two fingers so he can give the human guests what they crave. He uses parties like this one to keep the savage side of his nature in check. When his fellow den members suggest he claim Eli for the weekend, Orion agrees, since the little human is just Orion’s type.

Orion isn’t Eli’s type, though—or so Eli believes. But the pleasure he experiences in the dhampir’s hands is more intense than anything he’s felt with a vampire. Beneath Eli’s bratty nature are secret pains that fuel his addiction. Might Orion be a match for him sexually and emotionally?

fangjunkie27 is an erotic M/M novella with lots of angst, a bit of dubcon, and an HFN ending.

Word count: 22,000

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