Review Request

I occasionally review books here on my blog. You can find the reviews I have already posted at

I ONLY review M/M erotic romance and erotica with HEAs or HFNs. I especially love reading dark romances, BDSM, dubious consent, and the enemies to lovers trope. All subgenres welcome, but sports romance might be a hard sell.

I do NOT review:

  • Young adult
  • Low-heat or no-heat romance
  • M/M fiction without a traditional happy ending
  • Romances containing open polyamory in the central relationship
  • Any pairings other than M/M
  • Any other genres besides erotic romance and erotica

If your book is part of an interconnected series, it must be book 1, or I must have already reviewed the previous book(s). But if it can be read as a standalone, don’t worry about this.

I strongly prefer to read and review self-published titles, but will consider small-press published books.

At this time, I prefer not to post reviews below 3 stars to the blog. So, if I read your book but cannot give it a rating of at least 3 stars or higher, I will not review your book. I review on a 5-star scale.

I will only review your book if I am interested in it, and you will know if I am interested if I reply and ask for an ARC file.

I require an .EPUB ARC in order to review.

I cross-post reviews to Goodreads and Amazon.

If your book is an upcoming release, I will do my best to post your review on or around your book’s release date. I prefer notice of a week or two if you have a specific date you would like the review posted.

If you accept these terms, please fill out the form below.