Reviews are Coming in for HOW TO LOVE A MONSTER

How to Love a Monster is out now on Amazon in both ebook and paperback. The ebook version is enrolled in Kindle Unlimited with a limited-time release price of $0.99.

Reviews are coming in, and they’re looking pretty good!

How to Love a Monster is a The Romance Reviews Top Pick with a 5-star review from Gabrielle Sally. Here’s an excerpt:

I absolutely loved seeing Fiend through Seraphim’s eyes/thoughts. We know from the story how Fiend views himself and how his other partners/prey viewed him but when we see it from Seraphim, we can see his beauty. It’s utterly non-judgmental. … As the story progresses and Fiend realizes how much he cares for Seraphim, he also seems to realize that even though he’s the boss, he really isn’t alone. His soldiers see him as something other than a monster and he comes to realize that, which I loved.

Read the full review here.

Other reviews:

(I’ll update this list as more get posted.)

See even more reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

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