Welcome to

Wish City

Your second chance at a special life

In an alternate version of our world, people are being born with special abilities.

These abilities range from superhuman control of one’s own bodily functions to the ability to manipulate the very fabric of the universe.

No one knows why these specials are being born. Some believe it’s part of the Universe’s plan. Some think it’s Mother Nature making humans stronger by giving them superhuman abilities.

Regardless, they are entering a world that is not ready for them.

The government is hunting them.

Many non-specials view these specials as threats. Their abilities, unknown or unpredictable, have the power to alter existence.

As a result, the governments of some countries have declared war on specials. They’ve labeled them criminals, and they’re hunting them down.

In the United States, government scientists are experimenting with a new surgery to alter specials’ brains and remove their powers. But so far, they’ve only succeeded in torturing and murdering them.

Wish is saving them.

Wish is a young man from Chicago, Illinois with the power of will. Simply by thinking it, he can create or modify almost anything in the Universe—aside from his own brain and power center.

On Earth, he leads a group of specials as they band together in hiding. And in the meantime, he crafts a dimension where they can be safe from the government’s threat.

He names this new dimension Wish City and makes it the specials’ afterlife.

Wish City awaits.

After the government catches and kills Wish, he arrives in Wish City. It is not the paradise he tried to make, but after wrestling it back from one of his creations gone amok and finding the man of his dreams, he has the mental and emotional strength to make Wish City better.

Still, Wish’s brain is unpredictable, and so are his creations. And with each new special who dies in the Earth dimension, Wish City gains a new, powerful citizen.

Enter the eerie, neon depths of Wish City to discover its untold mysteries...

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